Elderly Swedes, Young Migrants to Live Together in Social Housing Program

Young migrants and elderly Swedes will live together in a new program launched by a public housing company in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Helsingborgshem, a city-owned organization, recently announced the launch of SällBo, a "social housing and integration project" which will see Swedes over the age of 70 occupying small apartments in roughly half of a 51-unit facility, while the remaining is inhabited by 18-to-25-year-olds, including "ten young adults who have recently received a residence permit."

"SällBo is a new way of living where younger and older people live together," Helsingborgshem explains on their website. "Here, generations and cultures meet, and social life is at the center."

Residents will "live a little smaller but share all the more," occupying "practical" living quarters consisting of two rooms, with communal access to kitchens, living rooms, exercise rooms, artist's studio, game room and a library.

"In order for the accommodation to function and the tenants to thrive, it is important that those who live at SällBo have a curious personality, a desire to learn new things, and are prepared to share their own knowledge and experiences," said Dragana Curovic, a social developer at Helsingborgshem. "The tenants are allocated apartments through the application of interest and personal interviews."

"Through social activities we hope to increase cohesion and integration between different groups in society – something we believe will lead to a more enjoyable and more active life when we create natural meeting places for groups that otherwise may rarely get the opportunity to meet."

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