Elderly Woman Brutally Robbed By Egyptian Migrants In Rome

Two Egyptian migrants were arrested during a brutal attempted robbery of an elderly woman in Rome, Italy, according to Il Giornale.

The victim and her female companion were reportedly walking along Via Giolitti in front of busy Termini Station on Sunday afternoon when she realized a young male was reaching inside her purse.

Upon letting out a startled scream, the woman was throw to the ground by one assailant, whose "extreme violence" inflicted multiple injuries, including a broken arm.

"The attackers, two Egyptian immigrants, however, could not celebrate too much for the loot recovered in their criminal action, as they were stopped almost immediately by the police," Il Giornale reports. "The woman's screams drew the attention of a police patrol of the Viminale police station."

"The agents immediately intervened managing to block the foreigner of 21 years while the accomplice, a fellow of 20 years, was stopped simultaneously by 2 soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza."

Both men were arrested, while the woman, who is over 60 years of age, will require an operation to repair a fractured humerus bone.

Italy recently passed new legislation commonly referred to as the "Salvini Decree," which serves to tighten loose asylum policies, including provisions for the termination of asylum requests and expedited expulsions of those who commit crimes.

(PHOTO: Kaz Ish / Wikimedia Commons)

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