Emergency Crews Attacked With Molotov Cocktails While Responding to Arson Fires in Brussels

Emergency responders were attacked by 'youths' hurling projectiles and Molotov cocktails while responding to fires in the troubled Brussels district of Marollen, according to reports.

Marollen has reportedly been the scene of "daily arson and violence" lately, with cars being set alight and private businesses damaged.

“In the night from Friday to Saturday, Brussels youths caused problems in Marollen,” SCEPTR reports. “They started a fire and then ambushed the approaching emergency services."

"The fire brigade and police were pelted with Molotov cocktails, among other things.”

In the following days, more fires were set around Marollen, despite authorities warning that "strict action" would be taken against those responsible for criminality and mayhem.

Multiple cars were reportedly "burned to the ground" in separate incidents, and the windows of a daycare center were smashed.

"We live in a ghetto," one of the residents said.

Authorities have failed to identify any suspects at this time, according to the latest reports in local media.

Arson fires followed by ambushes of responding emergency crews are becoming increasingly common in Brussels and other Western European cities, as Infowars Europe has reported.

Members of a fire squad attacked while responding to a recent call in the Brussels migrant ghetto of Molenbeek said they believed they may have been lured there.

“When we approached the fire, our fire truck was suddenly pelted with glass bottles. They were thrown at us by people standing on the roof of a building. Projectiles were also thrown during the extinguishing,” fire bridgade spokesman Walter Derieuw said at the time.

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