English Channel Crossings Shatter 30,000 Mark for Year

More than 30,000 migrants have now crossed the English Channel so far this year as hundreds more arrived in Britain yesterday, according to reports.

At least 667 migrants in 15 boats launched from France eventually found their way to U.K. soil on Wednesday, many with the help of activists and border authorities.

Nearly 5,500 migrants made the journey during the first three weeks of September alone, the BBC reports.

A whopping 30,549 migrants have reportedly reached England via the Channel in 2022, but the actual number is likely "much higher," according to Nigel Farage and media figures with insider information.

The number of crossings in 2022 has shattered all previous records with over two months still remaining in the year.

Around 28,431 migrants officially reached England by boat in 2021, up from around 8,400 in 2020.

Infowars Europe has frequently reported on the monumental increase of illegal migration across the English Channel in recent years, as well as the havoc wreaked by illegal aliens after they are placed in asylum centers or hotels across Britain.

Alex Jones exposed how the COVID injections will cause polio-like symptoms over a year ago.

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