"Enough Is Enough" - Flemish Official Calls for 'Civil Disobedience' If Belgium Imposes New Curfew

A prominent figure in Belgian politics has vowed he will violate a draconian national curfew currently being considered and says he will encourage citizens to join him in 'civil disobedience.'

Belgium’s Consultative Committee is scheduled to meet on Friday to discuss current COVID-related measures, including business closures and a curfew that could be set as early as 8 p.m.

Tom Van Grieken, a municipal councilor and chairman of the Flemish nationalist-populist party Vlaams Belang, blasted the proposal to set the curfew even earlier than its current position at midnight.

"Promise. If curfews are brought forward today instead of abolished, I will [first] ostentatiously disobey it, and [second] call for civil disobedience and action. Enough is enough," Van Grieken wrote on social media.

"Flanders slavishly follows the Belgicist hand of the Consultation Committee. It is time for Flanders to show that we have hair on our teeth. The prime minister [Jan Jambon] must stand up for the Flemish. And those Flemish people are more than tired of the curfew."

Van Grieken says he hopes to bring pressure on the Consultative Committee to end the curfew altogether and facilitate a return to normal after a year of COVID tyranny.

“I have been loyal for a year,” Van Grieken said. “I have always called for even the most insane measures to be taken to combat the pandemic. But everything has its limit and bringing forward the curfew is a bridge too far."

Amid an increasingly-heated debate over whether restaurants should be allowed to soon open their outdoor terraces, officials are now reportedly considering even stricter measures, citing a supposed 'spike in cases' across Belgium and neighboring countries.

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