Migrants Attack German Train Attendant, Call Him 'Nazi Pig'

A group of migrants from Eritrea attacked a rail attendant in Germany, spitting on him and calling him a 'Nazi pig' after he refused to let them board a train with lit cigarettes, according to local media.

The foreign men, aged 20 to 23, were reportedly part of a larger group of migrants who were behaving in an intimidating manner and breaking beer bottles at a train station in Halle, Germany, in the early hours of the morning.

“The young people wanted to take a S-Bahn in the direction of Leipzig,” Du bist Halle reported Monday. “However, the train attendant refused to allow them to do so, because they wanted to get on the train with burning cigarettes, and behaved very loudly and improperly.”

“Here, the 33-year-old train conductor was harassed. The men surrounded him, shoving, spitting and insulting him with ‘Nazi pig’ and dirty expressions. The saliva struck him in the face.”

The suspects reportedly resisted arrest by federal police, who were compelled to use force on the scene.

"Because of threatening behavior, a 20-year-old had to be brought to the ground and tied up for a short time," according to Du bist Halle. "The perpetrators, who were in a larger group of the same nationals, have received criminal charges for assault, resistance to law enforcement officers, trespass, coercion and insult."

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