Migrant Suspected of Pushing Boy Onto Tracks Was Featured in Brochure Celebrating Integration

An Eritrean migrant facing murder charges after allegedly pushing a young boy onto train tracks in Frankfurt, Germany, was featured in a 2017 brochure promoting successful migrant integration in Switzerland.

Habte Araya, 40, was "pictured in 2017 by the Swiss labour agency which had found him a job, and gave an interview in which he said he 'liked almost everything about Switzerland,'" the Daily Mail reports.

"When I first came communication was difficult because of the language. But that is no longer the case." Araya said in the interview. "I like the fact that everyone is helped here regardless of whether they are rich or poor."

"I want a better and easier life for my children than I had."

Araya was employed by the Zurich transport authority but had not worked since January due to psychological issues.

At the time of the Frankfurt incident, Araya was fleeing Swiss authorities, who had issued an arrest warrant for him after a violent episode in Zurich involving his own family and a neighbor.

"Zurich cantonal police had been looking for him since Thursday, when he locked up his family and a female neighbor, whom he had threatened with a knife, and then fled," Swiss Info reports.

"His family, who had to be freed by the police, said they had never seen him like that."

Araya reportedly arrived in Switzerland as an illegal migrant in 2006, but was later granted a residence permit after filing for asylum protection.

Araya is suspected of shoving an 8-year-old boy and his mother in front of a train at Frankfurt main station earlier this week, killing the child.

A swimming pool in the German city of Düsseldorf has been forced to introduce mandatory ID checks in an effort to stop sexual assaults and rowdy behavior by migrant youths.


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