Woman Dangled By Hair, Dropped to Death From High-Rise

An Eritrean woman plunged to her death after being dangled by her hair from an 11th story window of high-rise building in Glasgow, Scotland, according to local media.

Alem Shimemi, 30, fell roughly 100 feet after witnesses reportedly heard her screaming and attempting to climb back in the window while someone inside held her hair, the Daily Record reports.

Bystanders apprehended an "African" man who was "chanting" and "praying," according to a witness.

"I could hear hysterical screaming and I went to the window and I saw the woman being held by the hair," said a man who lives in a nearby building. “She didn’t fall right away, because she was trying desperately to hold on to the window sill and she was scratching at the wall with her feet, trying to get a hold to keep herself from falling."

"I thought I should take a photo as evidence, but I was really hoping she would be  dragged back in by whoever was holding her hair."

The same witness assisted others in tackling a man who had fled the building and subduing him until police arrived.

He reportedly spoke a foreign language, which was understood by other women on the scene.

"An African guy had come out of block 150 and had tried to run away, but he fell over a wall and he got grabbed by a concierge and a few women who were there," the witness said. "There were some women there who were hysterical. They spoke the same language as the guy."

“He was chanting and, I think, praying, and he looked out of it."

The Daily Record indicates that 'many immigrants' are housed in the tower blocks.

Police are treating Shimemi's death as "suspicious" but have yet to make any arrests.

A recent report in German media detailed how police often intentionally obfuscate details of crimes committed by migrants, such as honor killings, in order to "preserve civil peace."

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