EU Border Agency Preparing For Surge of Migrants

A top official at Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, says tens of thousands of migrants are en route to the EU via emerging pathways.

During a forum in Austria, Frontex Deputy Executive Director Berndt Körner forewarned of a surge of illegal immigrants who are exploiting alternate routes to the continent, now that the former ‘Balkans Route’ and central Mediterranean Sea passage are less accessible than in the past.

He also revealed the confiscation of narcotics from migrants and smugglers has increased sevenfold from previous years to nearly 140 tons.

Körner explained that 14,000 rejected asylum seekers were flown back to their home countries in Asia and Africa in 2017, and many have regrouped and are making renewed attempts to penetrate the EU’s borders.

“Since 2017, the escape routes have changed massively: The use of the central Mediterranean route has fallen by 76 percent, as a result of cooperation with the Libyan Coast Guard,” reports Volksblatt. “In contrast, the frequency of the western Mediterranean route increased by 61 percent, on the eastern route by as much as 95 percent (21,000 people).”

Additional evidence of a forming surge can be found in the number of applications for asylum received in Germany, which rose from 64,000 in April to roughly 78,000 in May.

Interestingly, the most recent news release on the Frontex website touts the “decreasing trend” of migration flows as it cites figures from the “main migratory routes” - while the latter half of the statement corroborates Körner’s concerns in comparatively oblique language.

“In May, the number of irregular migrants taking the Eastern Mediterranean route stood at some 4,400, 40% fewer than in the previous month,” Frontex reports. “But because of a rise of irregular crossings in March and April on the land borders with Turkey, the total number of migrants detected on the Eastern Mediterranean route until the end of May rose by 90% to more than 19,800.”

“Despite the low number of detections at the external borders, Frontex has observed an emergence of new sub-routes via Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina, as well as from Serbia to Bosnia Herzegovina. This has been linked with increased migratory pressure in these countries in recent months and at the border between Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia.”

Infowars Europe has been closely monitoring and reporting on the emerging crisis in the Balkans, where EU frontier states Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary are bracing for a flood of as many as 80,000 migrants in the coming months.

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