'EU Is Like The Titanic!' Brexit Economist Explains Why UK Must 'Jump Ship' From EU

The European Union is an impending disaster like the 'Titanic,' which is why the UK must quickly leave the globalist bloc, according to economist Gerard Lyons.

“I think the real challenge on the continent is the euro area, which is at the core of the system is fundamentally flawed," he told Express on Saturday.

“I used the analogy in the referendum of the EU being like the Titanic. It looked big so everyone thinks ‘great let’s be on it.'"

“But, like the Titanic, it didn’t change direction. Continued to head into impending problems," he added.

“I argue that the UK needed to jump ship so to speak. We might be in a smaller boat, the initial waters might be choppier, but the brave new world beckoned in the distance.”

The Brexit negotiations have been frought with poor leadership and infighting after Prime Minister Theresa May introduced a "soft-Brexit" plan called the Chequers agreement.

Other MPs like former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit architect Nigel Farage pushed back against the plan last month, calling it a "sell-out" where the UK gains "diddly squat."

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