“EU Is the Legacy of Nazis” - UKIP Chief Unloads at EuroParl

UKIP leader Gerard Batten unleashed a scathing indictment of the EU on the floor of European Parliament, exposing the superstate’s roots in Nazism amid heckles and jeers from fellow MEPs.

Speaking directly to EuroParl’s special guest, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Batten delivered a brief historical explanation of the European Union’s formation in the post-World War II era and linked its blueprint back to Nazi Germany.

“When the Germans thought they were going to win the war, they wrote a plan for how they were going to govern their new empire, and it was called the ‘Europaische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaft’ - the ‘European Economic Community,’” Batten said, itemizing some of the “common policies” the Nazis hoped to establish across its imperium, such as a single currency linked to the Reichsmark, and streamlined standards for agriculture, industry, trade, economics, and more.

“That plan resurfaced in 1957 as the European Economic Community,” Batten continued. “The [EU nations] are heading towards a United States of Europe. We see increased integration with everything... The European Union now governs almost every aspect of the citizen’s life.”

Batten pointed out that the bloc is even moving towards establishing its own military under the Orwellian designation of a “defense community.”

“I think that’s called an ‘army,’ isn’t it?” Batten asked rhetorically.

Shifting gears, Batten urged PM Morawiecki to employ some of his country’s expanding political influence to aid the UK in its battle to break free of the EU, invoking Britain’s contributions to the defense of Poland during World War II.

“You’ve discovered that there’s a price to pay for European Union membership. The EU requires you to accept migrants in untold numbers, which would change your country and culture beyond recognition,” Batten asserted as MEPs began to voice their displeasure.

“You’ve been threatened by the EU - ‘if you do not take the migrants, then you cannot have the money,’ and you have found that when you have outside interference in your country from such as multibillionaire George Soros... the EU tells you you cannot oppose him.”

“I would ask you, as we came to your assistance in 1939, that you and the Council would come to our assistance - please just help us out with the utterly useless and incompetent Mrs. [Theresa] May,” Batten implored. “Please help to facilitate our exit from the European Union in the Council and return the favor we did you in 1939.”

Mr. Batten is spearheading a resurgence of UKIP’s popularity amid concerns over immigration, free speech, and the future of Brexit, which both major parties appear to be delaying and diluting with each passing day.

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