EU, Moderna Agree to Accelerate Vaccine Deliveries to 'Jumpstart Booster Programs'

The European Commission (EC) has agreed on Thursday with Moderna to speed up deliveries of vaccines to countries that urgently need doses for their booster programs, in particular Germany.

"Moderna agreed to anticipate the delivery of 10 million doses to December for Germany. This is the equivalent of 20 million persons receiving a booster – as only half a dose is used for a booster," the statement read.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical company will deliver 25 million extra doses to Germany in the first quarter of 2022, which is equivalent to 50 million boosters, the EC said. Other countries will also benefit from accelerated Moderna vaccine deliveries at the beginning of 2022, the Commission added.

The move is to ensure that the EU members can quickly roll out booster vaccination programs to prevent the spread of the new Omicron coronavirus variant.

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