EU Proposes Joint Cyber Unit to Strengthen Bloc's Response to Rising Cyberattacks

The European Commission put forward on 23 June a new initiative to boost the bloc's cybersecurity in view of the increasing threat of cyberattacks, which envisions, among other measures, the creation of a new Joint Cyber Unit.

"The Commission is today laying out a vision to build a new Joint Cyber Unit to tackle the rising number of serious cyber incidents impacting public services, as well as the life of businesses and citizens across the European Union," the EU body said in a press release.

The commission pointed to the significance of advanced and coordinated responses in cybersecurity amid growing threats, saying that all relevant actors within the bloc need to be prepared to deliver a collective response and "exchange relevant information on a ‘need to share', rather than only ‘need to know', basis."

"The Joint Cyber Unit will act as a platform to ensure an EU coordinated response to large-scale cyber incidents and crises, as well as to offer assistance in recovering from these attacks. Today, the EU and its Member States have many entities involved in different fields and sectors. While the sectors may be specific, the threats are often common – hence, the need for coordination, sharing of knowledge and even advance warning," the press release added.

The commission also proposed to build the Joint Cyber Unit in stepwise fashion in co-ownership with the EU member states and the different relevant entities so that the mechanism becomes fully operational by 30 June 2023.

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