"EU Army" to Increase Ranks Sevenfold - Report

The European Union is reportedly increasing its “border force” to combat the continent’s migrant crisis.

The border force's mission would be to deal with migrant issues because the union's member states cannot agree on a common migration policy.

“[The proposed border force would] intercept new arrivals, stop unauthorized travel between EU states and accelerate the return to their home countries of people whose asylum claims have failed,” says the Financial Times.

Critics have blasted the move as a precursor to the union establishing itself as a military power.

The force will be armed and have the authority to deploy “inside and beyond” Europe, including enforcing movement between member states.

“The guards will be tasked to protect ‘the union's external borders, prevent secondary movements [between EU countries] and significantly step up the effective return of irregular migrants,’” adds Financial Times.

Moreover, the EU admits its own migration policies fostered the “demographic instability” that created the need for such a force.

The president of the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, alluded to Wednesday’s official announcement for the force as a “proposal on the protection of the external border” back in July.

Additionally, earlier this month, UK politician Nigel Farage blasted the EU after British soldiers showed up for a training exercise donning EU flags on their sleeves; adding, his “dangerous fantasy” had come to life.

Furthermore, EU's border force was  launched in October of 2016 with an approximate bodycount of 1,500; Juncker’s 2020 projection aims to increase that figure sevenfold.

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