EU 'Systematically Attacking' Efforts to Secure Borders, Hungary Warns

The European Union is working to undermine national efforts to secure national borders, according to Hungary's top government spokesman.

“Brussels is preparing to challenge the immigration rules of the Hungarian constitution,” Secretary of State for International Communication Zoltán Kovács told Magyar Hírlap. “They want to force us to change the provisions of our constitution that prohibit migration.”

Kovács was responding, in part, to European Commission Vice President Vera Jourová, who recently claimed the Hungarian government is spreading "fake news" via a national survey explaining to citizens that E.U. member states are expected to welcome waves of illegal migrants – even during a pandemic.

“Contrary to the Vice President's statement, the truth is that in recent years the European Commission has systematically attacked all our steps aimed at strengthening the European border, strengthening border protection,” Kovács said.

Kovács asserted the E.U. works closely with non-government organizations (NGOs) "that clearly support and even organize illegal migration," and have tripled their funding for NGOs for the coming 2021-2027 European Commission budget.

“This also shows that the Committee is working systematically to weaken European border protection and to take away from the Member States, especially Hungary, the means by which it can take effective action against illegal migration,” he said.

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