‘Europe Most Unstable Since Cold War’ - Hungary FM

Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs contends that political stability in Europe is at its weakest since the Cold War.

Péter Szijjártó made this assertion during an address at the V4 ‘Future of Europe’ conference taking place in Budapest this week.

“Europe hasn’t been as unstable as it is now since the Cold War,” Szijjártó said, while outlining a series of critical challenges facing the continent, including national security, an existential threat to European identity due to globalism and migration, and an erosion of national sovereignty as EU technocrats battle to consolidate power.

“We should consider disputes within the EU as a natural phenomenon,” he said. “When should we have disputes if not now, when we’ll have to decide on the future of Europe?”

“Outsiders should respect not only our laws, habits and culture but also our religion,“ he continued. “We want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe.”

In the wake of a landslide election victory in April, FM Szijjártó and his Fidesz party acknowledged a clear mandate from the Hungarian people to continue developing what Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is calling a “21st Century Christian democracy” - in spite of sharp criticism from unelected authoritarians in Brussels and their allies in the international mainstream media.

“Rather than try to fix a liberal democracy that has run aground, we will build a 21st Century Christian democracy which guarantees human dignity, freedom and security, protects the equal rights of men and women, the model of the traditional family, puts the brakes on anti-Semitism, protects our Christian culture, and provides opportunity for the maintenance and development of our nation,” Orbán announced at the onset of his fourth term as prime minister. “We need to say it out loud because you can’t reform a nation in secrecy: the era of liberal democracy is over.”

The new cabinet is expected to soon deliver a slew of bills to be considered by parliament, including a new ‘Stop Soros’ law designed to restructure how the government handles illicit immigration practices being coordinated by the ‘Soros network’ of NGOs and subversive groups in Hungary and Europe.

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