EU Migration Chief: Europe Must Accept Endless Migrants

Europeans must accept that endless migration to the continent is here to stay, declared Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs, during an address this week.

While detailing the roll-out of new measures to supposedly safeguard Europe and strengthen its borders, Avramopoulos denounced the erection of physical barriers as a pragmatic approach to deterring illegal immigration.

“We are against building fences, on the contrary, we are in favor of building bridges with neighboring countries,” he said.

“The EU will never be a fortress. Migration will stay not only in Europe and the world for the decades to come, and we have to be well prepared. No country can manage this situation alone.”

“Ten years of the European Migration Network: need a resilient and long-term migration and asylum policy based on facts, not emotions,” Avramopoulos wrote in a complementary tweet.

Concerning the overwhelmingly detrimental effects of current migration policies, many would argue the facts speak for themselves, and only emotions and propaganda have enabled the advancement of the EU’s highly unpopular immigration agenda.

Avramopoulos alluded to a stalemate with some member states who have flatly refused to accept ‘refugee resettlement’ quotas - namely, Hungary and Poland - asserting that he is “trying to convince the last remaining ones to join our comprehensive migration policy.”

Freshly-reelected Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently traveled to Warsaw for the first official foreign visit of his new term, where both he and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki reaffirmed their commitment to border security policies that fly in the face of demands from Brussels.

“Here in Poland, it’s we who decide who will come to Poland and who will not,” said PM Morawiecki. “Proposals by the European Union that impose quotas on us hit the very foundations of national sovereignty.”

PM Morawiecki’s position was bolstered by PM Orbán in comments after their meeting.

“We cannot help anyone if we destroy our country in the meantime,” said Orbán.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently declared that Europe's destiny is "bound" with Africa's, and that Europe should prepare to receive as many as 200 million Africans in the next 30 years.

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