European Christians Will Establish "Settlements" in Hungary - PM Orbán

Many Christians will likely migrate from Western Europe to Hungary and establish "settlements" there in the coming years, according to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

PM Orbán predicted a growing exodus of Christians from other parts of Europe – likely a reference to increasing hostility against Believers as the influences of Islam and secular neoliberalism continue to expand on the continent.

"Hungary will have a lot of Christians coming from Western Europe in our lifetime," Orbán said during a question-and-answer session in parliament on Monday, Origo reports.

“I think the trend that many are coming back from Western Europe will continue,” Orbán said of Hungarian expats who are returning to their homeland.

“Some people buy up whole small settlements, and you have to be prepared for that.”

Orbán has established himself as an ardent defender of Christianity and traditional European values, staunchly opposing mass migration from Africa and the Middle East.

"Europe is currently undergoing a transformation… Migration has changed our life," Orban said during a radio interview in 2019. "We won’t compromise on the issue of the protection of Christian culture and migration. Everything else is open for discussion."

"Christian culture is an asset… We don’t want to become a mixed country. We want no migration. We want to preserve our security, and through our family policy, we will be able to ensure Hungary’s biological future without migrants.”

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