‘European Union, Belgium Are Artificial Creations’ - Farage Mocks EU Parliament

Nigel Farage taunted his globalist colleagues on the floor of EU Parliament during a lively address in which he compared Belgium and the European Union as unpopular, synthetic constructs.

Known for consistently delivering bold rejections of the internationalist agenda from the heart of the viper pit, Farage assumed the air of a man who knows his side is winning the battle for hearts and minds.

He heralded the impending collapse of the European project, using former Belgian prime minister and current MEP, Guy Verhofstadt, as his whipping boy while select members cheered and laughed, and Verhofstadt’s confederates observed with visible distaste and unease.

“There are some like Mr. Verhofstadt here, who seem to think that this [EU] flag represents a European identity, and he clearly identifies as a European - many of you in this room identify as Europeans,” Farage said. “But you’re missing something: the peoples of Europe do not identify with that flag. They do not identify with these institutions.”

Farage’s comments were met with protest and outrage, to which he replied, “Well if you’re on the payroll, it’s easy to say it works, isn’t it? Actually, out there in the real world, there is not a European demos, there is not a European identity.”

“But there may be one exception, and that could be Belgium, because nobody ever dares tell the truth about Belgium,” Farage proposed. “Belgium is not a nation - it is an artificial creation.”

“The truth is, there are two parts of Belgium; they speak different languages; they dislike each other intensely; there’s no national TV station; there’s no national newspaper. Belgium is not a nation - and maybe that’s why you’re happy to sign up to a higher European level.”

Farage cited recent election results in Italy and Hungary as unmistakable omens portending the imminent demise of the totalitarian superstate - just the latest in a series of events set into motion by the 2016 Brexit referendum, of which Farage was an architect.

“You’re losing votes,” Farage concluded. “Brexit is the first brick out of the wall. You’ve learned none of the lessons. The days of this project are over. We want to live in nation states - not false, artificial creations.”

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