Europeans Familiarize Themselves With Energy-Saving Life Hacks Amid Crisis

European households are massively switching to techniques to reduce energy costs, including installing solar panels, it has been reported. It is estimated that solar panels can save up to $2,000 a year.

Europe has been plagued by soaring inflation caused by an energy crisis. According to ECB estimates, the annual headline inflation in the Eurozone will reach 8.1% this year. Millions of Europeans are living on the brink of fuel poverty due to skyrocketing prices.

Roughly 66% of Swedish households reported making home improvements recently, including switching to more efficient lighting and sealing windows and doors in order to preserve heat. 70% of German citizens report investing in energy-saving products, while 25% of UK citizens claim they are considering energy-saving changes.

The British government launched a one-billion-pound program that aims to improve insulation in energy-inefficient homes last month. In Germany, a similar program already exists, and it was re-introduced with the onslaught of the energy crisis.

Experts have also noted growing interest in so-called passive houses - ultra-low energy buildings that combine different techniques to trap and reuse natural body heat. Manufacturers of passive houses claim that there is definitely a rising demand for their production.

However, despite all these efforts, Europe's total energy bill has topped $1 trillion, with anti-Russian sanctions backfiring on European economies and accelerating inflation.

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