Explosion in Sweden 'No-Go Zone'

The latest explosion in Sweden has occurred in a 'no-go zone' in Växjö, according to reports.

A detonation is being investigated in Araby, a neighborhood in Växjö described as an "immigrant-dense ghetto" by Fria Tider.

“Gasoline-filled PET (plastic) bottles had been used to blow up a property and start a dangerous fire on the spot,” the Swedish outlet reports.

“It was just before 3 o'clock last night that the police were alerted to Vänortsvägen in Växjö due to a loud explosion on a property.”

Emergency crews responded to the scene, extinguishing the blaze before it caused further destruction.

"An unknown perpetrator is suspected of having started the fire by igniting bottles containing flammable liquid. The fire has caused damage to a wooden fence and soot damage to the property," police said in a report.

A basement stairwell was damaged in the fire.

"No one is a suspect at the moment. We classify it as an attempt at aggravated arson," investigator Carina Berggren told SVT.

Araby was classified as an urban area with 'extremely high crime' - otherwise known as a 'no-go zone' - by Swedish police in a 2016 report.

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