Watch: Farage Exposes UK Government Housing Migrants in Spa Hotel

Illegal migrants are being housed in high-end hotels across the United Kingdom, according to Brexit architect Nigel Farage.

Farage, who has assumed the role of investigative reporter in recent months, released footage documenting his visit to a spa hotel which is currently filled with migrants, while being off-limits to the British public.

A record-setting number of migrants have been pouring across the English Channel in 2020, as Infowars Europe has frequently reported.

Farage estimates over 7,500 migrants will reach U.K. shores in this manner by the end of the year, and possibly far more.

"The real question I've been asking myself is: Where do they all go? What happens to them all?" Farage said in teaser clip released ahead of his full report. "We know that coaches [buses] pick them up in Dover and move them on."

"Yesterday, I went up to Bromsgrove, in the West Midlands, and saw a hotel that had been completely taken over. It's one of many across the country. The numbers are shocking: 48,000 people who are waiting for asylum claims are now being housed in this way, across the country, and the estimated cost for the next 10 years is £4 billion ($5.25 billion)."

Farage visited the Bromsgrove Hotel and Spa after hearing 147 migrants were staying there under an asylum accommodations contract issued by the U.K. government to Serco, an international public services and employment agency.

Upon arrival at the hotel, Farage and his camera crew were stonewalled by employees and asked to leave immediately.

Farage noted that the migrants staying at the hotel are almost exclusively young males and local residents say women are increasingly afraid to walk around alone due to harassment from packs of aggressive foreign men.

"We have no idea who some of these people are. We have no idea if some might be ISIS," Farage said. "We have seen failed asylum seekers committing horrible acts in our country before. We should not be doing this."

The video accumulated nearly 3.4 million views across multiple platforms in less than 24 hours, Farage said on Friday.

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