Farage: 'New Form of Taliban' Ravaging UK Cities

Cities in the United Kingdom and elsewhere are under siege by communist revolutionaries Nigel Farage has likened to the Taliban.

The Brexit architect has come out strongly against Antifa and Black Lives Matter, identifying both groups as violent, dangerous factions working to transform Western civilization into a Marxist dystopia.

"A new form of the Taliban was born in the U.K. today. Unless we get moral leadership quickly our cities won't be worth living in," Farage tweeted on Sunday as rioters destroyed statues, attacked police, and looted businesses.

Farage expanded upon those thoughts in a video monologue on Monday.

“This Black Lives Matter movement is a dangerous Marxist organization hellbent on anarchy and we need to wake up, get some facts in our heads, and understand what it is we are fighting," Farage said.

“It’s very heavily funded. They’re not short of money. They’ve got some big backers – Soros and others – some very big backers of this movement who want to fundamentally overturn the norms of society as we see them today.”

Farage noted that at least 50 police officers have been injured in London in recent riots with comparatively few arrests.

He asserted that U.K. officials have effectively bowed to the mob, with many offering little pushback for fear of being called 'racist,' and others repeatedly parroting the "black lives matter" mantra.

“This group wants to fundamentally change us into a Marxist society that erases much of its history and doesn’t even have a police force," Farage said.

“There’s no concession that can be given that will satisfy the leaders of this organization, and we must stop this policy of appeasement.”

Farage warned of looming confrontations between patriotic groups and Antifa-Black Lives Matter if authorities don't regain control of the streets immediately.

"There will be groups organized and coalescing around some right-wing figures who will want to start taking this into their own hands,” he said.

Watch Tucker Carlson call out major corporations for funding nationwide Black Lives Matter protests that have turned into violent riots.

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