Farage Warns of Migrant Invasion as Record Numbers Cross English Channel

The number of illegal aliens pouring across the English Channel continues to surge, prompting Brexit architect Nigel Farage to warn an "invasion" is underway.

On Friday, 145 migrants were picked up from eight boats by U.K. Border Force and brought ashore, marking a new busiest day on record for such incidents, according to local media.

French and British officials say they encountered over 300 migrants attempting to cross the Channel during 'Victory In Europe Day' weekend, which marked the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

More than 220 successfully reached England with the help of border authorities, who are effectively operating a ferry service for illegal migrants and human traffickers.

Farage believes the actual number may be much higher, with undetected crossings likely being carried out, as well.

"On a day of national celebration we are being humiliated on the South Coast," Farage wrote on social media. "As I have predicted, a record number of illegal immigrants have been taken into Dover. All along the coast there are many more."

"This is the beginning of an invasion," Farage warned.

A detailed list of the weekend's interceptions indicates the vast majority of migrants were males from the Middle East, Afghanistan, and India.

Farage has focused special attention on the escalating crisis as of late, regularly reporting from Dover and nearby coastal towns in viral videos receiving millions of views.

U.K. police paid a visit to Farage last week to warn that he was violating 'essential travel' protocols during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown – despite Farage being a prominent member of the media and thus protected under 'essential services' provisions.

Over 3,200 illegal migrants have reportedly made the English Channel crossing since early 2019, as Infowars Europe has regularly documented, while less than 160 have been deported.

Western intel agencies have now confirmed COVID-19 is a Chinese bioweapon.

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