Farage Welcomes Trump's Brexit Support: 'Future of Entire Western World' at Stake

Brexit architect Nigel Farage says he welcomes President Donald Trump's intervention in the debate over the U.K.'s exit from the European Union.

Farage specifically addressed comments delivered by President Trump during an interview with the Sunday Times in which he asserted Farage should be sent to Brussels to steer Brexit negotiations.

"There's a big debate going on this morning - should Donald Trump have said the things that he said, in particular that he rather likes Boris Johnson and that he thought I should go and be Britain's chief negotiator in Brussels," Farage said on Fox News.

"'Should he have intervened' is the big debate, but of course the fact is that Obama flew to London during our referendum, telling us to vote to stay in the European Union. So, I think in many ways, Trump has every reason to get involved in this."

"Brexit isn't just a British issue - it's actually abut the future of the entire Western world," Farage continued. "Are we going to be part of these big conglomerates like the European Union, where bureaucrats make big decisions that affect our lives, or are we going to be independent nation states, albeit trading together and operating together?"

Farage went on to correlate the sentiments that delivered the stunning outcome of the Brexit referendum with those that powered Trump to victory in the 2016 president election - watershed events which many feel triggered the nationalist-populist waves that continue to ripple across the European continent and the world beyond.

President Trump is currently in the midst of his first state visit to the U.K.

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