Father Defends Family Against Mob of 400 'Youths' at German Pool

German police were called to a public pool in Dusseldorf to mitigate a crowd of several hundred 'mostly young males' who had surrounded a family of four during a dispute.

The origin of the disagreement is currently unknown, but a father was forced to stand his ground at Dusseldorf Rheinbad amid a mob of an estimated 400 antagonists, described as primarily 'North African' in some reports, according to German media.

A force of roughly 70 police officers from the region were called to the scene as it spiraled beyond the control of local patrols.

“The on-the-spot response team identified a group of several hundred people (mostly young men) who had surrounded and screamed at a family,” Dusseldorf Police say in a report. “The father stood protectively in front of his family and was involved in verbal fighting and a short-term altercation with individuals in the group. As the situation was clearly threatening to escalate, additional intervention teams were called in."

"In order to calm the situation on the ground, the officers first tried to separate the opponents from each other. The police officers from the larger group were also mobbed. Individual aggressors, under cover of the crowd, threw beverage cartons towards the task forces. Again and again individuals tried to provoke the officers by challenging them.”

Authorities eventually decided to close the pool entirely as tensions continued to escalate and the facilities were evacuated.

The family was believed to be Turkish and many in the crowd were likely North African in origin, according to Hürriyet.

"Among the teenagers who were arguing with the family father, more and more young people with likely North African background came into the scene and a massive threat situation arose for the four-member Turkish family, but remained on the verbal level and slight scuffling until the police arrived," Hürriyet reports.

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