Fed-Up Bus Rider Confronts Mob Protesting Deportation of Transgender Refugee

A mob of protesters blocking a city street in Iceland was confronted by an irate bus passenger after the vehicle was prevented from passing through.

Video from the scene shows a group of demonstrators holding signs and chanting slogans on a busy street in central Reykjavik, obstructing traffic in both directions.

After a public bus is forced to sit at the blockade for a long period of time, a frustrated older gentleman can been seen exiting the vehicle and proceeding to clear the crowd out of the way.

The group had turned out to march against the government's decision to deport a transgender Iranian teen whose family had sought asylum in Iceland, according to local media.

"As reported, the trans boy in question, Maní, and his family fled Iran in February 2019 and went to Portugal,” the Reykjavik Grapevine reports.

The family reportedly learned they were being sought by Iranian authorities, and decided to travel on to Iceland to request asylum there.

“However, because Portuguese authorities gave the family a travel visa, Icelandic authorities declined to open their case and instead invoked the Dublin Regulation, an international agreement which gives signatory states the right – although not the obligation – to return asylum seekers back to their previous point of departure,” the Grapevine explains.

The teen allegedly suffered a subsequent ‘mental breakdown’ and is currently being treated in a psychiatric ward at a local Reykjavik hospital, forcing a temporary suspension of the family’s deportation.

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