Female Suspect Injures Three French Cops in 'Acid Attack'

Three police officers suffered injuries after a woman allegedly threw caustic chemicals on them in Toulouse, France, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at around 4:30 a.m. on Friday when authorities were called to the scene of a domestic dispute.

Officers found a man yelling in the street outside ex-partner's home and damaging her vehicle, the Alliance Police Nationale union explained in a statement.

After the man started banging his head against a wall in a supposed suicide attempt, he was handcuffed and placed inside a patrol car for his own safety.

Shortly afterwards, a previously uninvolved 35-year-old woman approached the authorities and demanded the man be released from custody.

A policewoman ordered the woman to leave the area and she complied.

"But this woman came back with a plastic bottle in her hand and sprayed the police for no reason. The projected liquid, resembling acid, hit three members of the police. A police officer was taken care of by the fire brigade and the Smur 31 and transported to hospital for treatment. She has burns to her face and respiratory tract," La Depeche reports.

"The woman at the origin of this corrosive liquid spray was very quickly arrested by the municipal police officers also present on the scene."

The female suspect was taken into custody and an investigation was opened.

"This act was completely unprovoked. This person came to hinder the work of the police, and we obviously ask for firm and exemplary discipline," said union spokesman Grégory Hemous.

Initial analysis reportedly indicates the substance thrown was likely ammonia.

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