Feverish Boris Johnson Still Quarantined With Coronavirus Infection

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not look good.

In a short video posted to twitter, the British Prime Minister urged Britons to stay at home, lauding those who have obeyed the national lockdown orders for "saving lives."

During the video, Johnson also urged Britons to stay home this weekend, despite what's expected to be nice weather (an extremely rare occurrence in Britain).

But with UK and European stocks already in the red, the video did nothing to lift investor confidence, as Johnson, pale as a sheet and shiny with sweat, appears to be extremely ill.

For a virus that has infected the rich and powerful as much as the poorest of the poor, Johnson is one of dozens of public officials, including dozens in Iran and a handful in Brazil, who have contracted the virus. At least three US lawmakers have also contracted the virus.

Johnson's condition has reportedly grown so grave, that there are rumors about him temporarily ceding power to Michael Gove, who, like Johnson, started his career as a journalist in the British press.

Gove also lost to Johnson and May during two Tory leadership contests. But he remains a member of the cabinet and one of the most visible and trusted conservatives in the UK.

As if this wasn't enough, Johnson has been under assault by the British press, who have been attacking everything from his reluctance to take heavy handed measures early in the crisis, to the continuing shortage of COVID-19 tests for frontline medical workers, an issue that has become a huge scandal for his government, as CNBC explains.

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