Finland Busts Large Migrant Smuggling Network

Authorities in Finland have uncovered a criminal network involved in providing documentation to migrants in Greece and helping them illegally cross borders in Europe.

Estonian police say an individual presented a forged British passport at the airport in Tallinn in July, the Finnish Coast Guard explained in a press release.

The suspect was also found to be carrying Finnish documents, which were traced to another individual residing in Finland.

“As a result of the investigation of the case, a criminal league was uncovered that has been active in Finland and Greece at least since the autumn of 2019 which arranged Finnish and British passports granted to other people, as well as forged Finnish and British passports to be used for illegal entry,” Finnish authorities explained in the statement.

“The passports were delivered to the members of the criminal group by couriers traveling between Finland and Greece.”

Another person suspected of belonging to the criminal network was arrested in October at Helsinki's Vantaa Airport while in possession of Finnish passports, residence permits, and I.D. cards.

The suspect had reportedly transported documents to accomplices in Greece for the purposes of forgery and to arrange illegal entry into Finland.

"Some of the documents that the person had with him had been reported stolen, but some are suspected of having been handed over for compensation for use by the criminal group," said Lt. Capt. Jukka Tekokoski, who is leading the investigation.

Tekokoski says the probe, which is being conducted in cooperation with Estonian and Greek authorities, is ongoing and more arrests have been made in Helsinki.

With tens of thousands of illegal aliens landing on islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Greece has become a hotspot for human traffickers responsible for moving migrants onto the European mainland.

In September, Greek authorities smashed a smuggling network allegedly operated by a collection of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) based mostly in Germany.

German MP Petr Bystron credits Infowars Europe as being "the first" international outlet to cover the sweeping NGO takedown after reports first surfaced in Greek media.

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