Finns Say Migrants' Culture, Religion Fueling Sex Assault Crisis

A majority of Finns believe the cultural values and religion of migrants are to blame for an explosive sexual assault crisis rocking the Nordic nation, according to Gallup polling.

A Gallup survey commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat, Finland's largest subscription newspaper, found that concerns over mass migration have become an increasingly divisive political issue as a slew of investigations have been launched into 'grooming gangs' and sexual attacks on children whose suspected perpetrators are overwhelmingly migrants and 'asylum seekers.'

Some 65 percent of respondents said they agreed with the statement, "The main causes of sexual offenses are the diverse culture and religion of immigrants."

Interestingly, while many supporters of the conservative-nationalist Finns Party are quick to correlate mass migration and the rise in sex crimes, few supporters of leftist parties are comfortable drawing the same conclusions and said they prefer to "stress that Finns are equally responsible for sexual offenses."

A mere 17 percent of Finns Party supporters say they are satisfied with the way officials have responded to the situation, and 60 percent said the best course of action to combating sex crimes is to limit either refugee intake, or immigration as a whole.

"People with a foreign background are responsible for a quarter of all reported sex crimes, despite constituting only 6.9 percent of the Finnish population," Sputnik reports, citing Finnish police.

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