Five More European Countries Announce First Coronavirus Cases

Five countries in Europe have declared their first confirmed COVID-19 cases as the virus spreads to the northern reaches of the continent.

In Denmark, a man who recently returned from a family ski trip to northern Italy was diagnosed with coronavirus, Danish health officials announced.

“The man came home with his wife and son from a skiing holiday in Lombardy on Monday, February 24, and has since had a cough, fever, etc.,” the Danish Health Authority explained in a statement. “On Wednesday, February 26, the family was examined in an isolation room at the Department of Infectious Medicine at the University Hospital of Zealand, Roskilde, where they were tested for coronavirus testing.”

“Because the family was reasonably well-off, they were then sent home in home isolation while awaiting trial answers. The husband tested positive, while the wife and son tested negative.”

In Estonia, an Iranian citizen living in the Baltic nation was confirmed to have the virus, TASS reports.

“A report came in this morning that the first case of the infection was identified yesterday," said Estonia’s Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik. "The patient is a permanent Estonian resident but not a citizen. The Health Department will provide more detailed information.”

“As far as I know, he is an Iranian national," Kiik explained, saying the man had just returned from a trip to Iran on Wednesday night.

In Norway, a resident of the north of the country who recently traveled to China tested positive for the virus after an initial test returned negative.

“The person is a resident of Northern Norway, is healthy and has no symptoms of coronavirus disease,” the Norwegian Public Health Institute said in a statement. “After an individual assessment, however, samples were taken of this person. The person was tested after returning from the outbreak area in China.”

“Analysis of the test performed today show a weak positive result, while a previous analysis was negative. The result in the sample shows traces of coronavirus.”

In Georgia, a citizen returning from Iran was tested immediately after returning to the country and found to be carrying COVID-19, according to Health Minister Health Ekaterine Tikaradze.

“Tikaradze said the infected man, who traveled by mini-bus with other 12 passengers, crossed the Georgian border with Azerbaijan on Tuesday,” Reuters reports.

While other members of the group initially tested negative for coronavirus, they are being held in quarantine.

Georgia has suspended all travel to Iran for two weeks.

In North Macedonia, a 50-year-old woman was diagnosed with coronavirus after returning from a trip to Italy.

“Three people reported to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases with flu-like symptoms and were tested for coronavirus. Two tested negatives [while one tested positive],” Health Minister Venko Filipche told local media.

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