Flemish MP Confronts EU Chief: You Won’t Erase Our National Identities

During a visit to Flemish parliament by EU President Jean-Claude Juncker, Belgian patriots took the opportunity to challenge the unelected technocrat, including a prominent MP.

Tom Van Grieken, leader of the nationalist-populist Vlaams Belang party, unloaded on Juncker, who sat just feet away, during an address to the assembly.

“Mr. Juncker, Nietzsche suggested, ‘What doesn't destroy me, makes me stronger.’ Well, the EU will not succeed in erasing the identity of the European nations,” Van Grieken declared. “The resistance organizes and becomes stronger. Appointment at the next European elections!”

“Whenever the EU fails, your solution is more power and more resources for the EU at the expense of sovereignty of the member states. More and more people are getting tired of the blind flight ahead.”

MP Van Grieken also highlighted Juncker’s hypocrisy in regularly attacking Eastern European governments as ‘authoritarian’ and ‘anti-democratic,’ while tacitly backing Madrid’s vicious mistreatment of Catalans who voted to secede from Spain and working towards admitting Turkey into the EU.

“Mr. Juncker, you fault Poland and Hungary because they would not respect the 'democratic rules of the game,’ but with what democratic legitimacy did the EU enter into accession negotiations with Turkey? No one wants Turkey to join the EU.”

Van Grieken supplemented his oratory with tweets, speaking on behalf of his party in announcing that Juncker was not welcome at parliament.

“He is the personification of everything that goes wrong with the EU,” Van Grieken declared. “He opens the borders to masses of immigrants and closes his eyes to Spanish violence.”

Juncker’s welcome was hardly warmer, as activists greeted him outside holding mock 339 euro bills representing the amount each Flemish taxpayer is forced to contribute to the European Union.

“The EU is not only undemocratic but also expensive: it costs every Fleming €339 too much every year,” wrote another Flemish MP. “In return, we get masses of immigrants and violence against Catalans. No, thanks!”

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