“Foreign” Men Ambush Young Mother With Three Children In Dusseldorf

Police in Dusseldorf, Germany, are searching for four men who reportedly robbed a young mother while threatening to harm her child if she didn’t comply.

The 22-year-old woman was waiting at a bus stop with her three children — an infant, an 18-month-old, and a three-year-old, when she was surrounded by four strange men who ordered her to give them money, according to a police report.

“One of the people spoke to her and demanded the surrender of cash, which she denied,” Dusseldorf police say. “As a result, the person grabbed the arm of her three-year-old son and threatened to do something to the child. Meanwhile, the other people in the group stood around the stroller, where the siblings were. The victim then handed over 20 euros in cash.”

“Offender description: All persons about 20 - 22 years old and 1.70 meters tall and slim. According to the injured, all had dark hair. The main culprit also wore a white jogging suit with black stripes and a baseball cap.”

While police provide a partial description of the alleged perpetrators and clothing, key physical attributes that would help greatly in identifying them are missing – despite the victim describing her attackers as “foreign” in comments to the press.

“One of the perpetrators shoved me and ordered, ‘Give us your money!’” the mother told Bild. “At first I was cheeky, and said: 'Skin off!' But then one grabbed my boy's arm and said I should give them my money. He threatened: ‘Otherwise something will happen.’”

“They looked foreign. At the stop at the time was only an elderly man. He did not help.”

Additionally, German outlet PI News describes the suspects as “southerners” with “foreign accents.”

(PHOTO: Stephan Dinges via Flickr)

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