"Foreign Prisoner" Injures Nine Italian Officers in Jail Attack

Nine law enforcement officers were injured by a lone "foreign prisoner" during a melee at a detention facility in Bologna, Italy, according to local media.

Two of the officers were transported to hospital by ambulance with "severe head injuries" after an inmate of "non-EU origin" attacked prison police in the infirmary at Dozza prison, Il Resto del Carlino reports.

The assailant reportedly has a history of such rampages.

"Aggressions towards prison guards are increasingly common, sometimes caused by prisoners with mental illness, but many times by individuals who do not accept the rules imposed by law," penitentiary police union Sappe said in a statement blasting the working conditions of its members.

"If it is true that the same detainee, at other times, had already made himself responsible for similar episodes, we ask the administration to put in place adequate and appropriate initiatives in order to prevent the personnel from continuing to pay the consequences of absolutely inadequate organization."

Italian officers are often victims of assaults by violent migrants, as Infowars Europe regularly documents.

Last week, a Senegalese migrant was charged with attempted murder after brutally attacking two police officers in Turin while yelling "Allahu akbar."

In October, a mob of more than 50 migrants set upon two officers attempting to arrest a Gambian criminal who had led them on a high-speed chase directly into a migrant ghetto in Cerignola.

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