Muslim Immigration 'Destabilizing' Denmark, Ex-Official Warns

Denmark's former immigration minister has warned non-Western, Islamic migrants are 'destabilizing' the country via crime, cultural transformation, welfare abuse, and myriad other issues.

Inger Støjberg, who was known for a taking relatively hardline approach while serving as Minister for Immigration, Integration, and Housing from 2015 to 2019, asserted that many migrants from outside Europe are refusing to assimilate while reaping the benefits of Danish society.

“One might as well be honest and put it bluntly: the non-Western - and thus primarily Muslim - immigration has harmed Denmark far more than it has benefited it,” Støjberg wrote in a scathing op-ed for Danish publication BT.

“People who exploit our generous welfare society, who refuse to embrace Denmark and our way of life, and who directly destabilize the country.”

Støjberg asserted that not only are immigration and asylum levels too high, but too little is expected of foreigners in exchange for the comparatively prosperous lifestyle made available to them.

She noted that in addition to obvious issues plaguing the country which have been made exponentially worse, such as crime and gang activity, Danish laws and customs are being superseded by "special rights" granted to Islamists in schools, workplaces, and even recreational settings, such as swimming pools.

“The immigrant gangs are and will be a destabilizing factor both because of the unheard-of readiness for violence they display, but also the fact that they do not keep the violence 'within their own ranks,' but also let it go beyond to the innocent,” Støjberg wrote.

She pointed out that non-Western immigrants and their descendants are overrepresented in Danish prisons by 255 percent in relation to their share of the overall population.

“And not only are immigrants high in the statistics, there has also been an outrage of crime. It's not just a stolen packet of chewing gum down in the local supermarket,” she explained. “No, it's open street shootings, it's insane driving in the inner cities, and it's unprovoked group assaults on innocent people.”

Støjberg concluded by calling for increased deportations of criminal migrants.

“We need to act more consistently towards criminal aliens. These are people who benefit us nothing, and whom we can so incredibly easily do without in Denmark,” Støjberg said. “They laugh at us when we in the best sense try to incorporate them into society, because the point is precisely that they do not want to be part of Denmark.”

“But the buttery grin disappears and turns into despair and tears when they first sit in the dock in court with an deportation sentence hanging over their heads.”

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