Formula 1 Heiress Flees to US from London: ‘Crazy How Unsafe UK Streets Are’

Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone has relocated her family to Los Angeles from London due to the high levels of violent crime in the UK.

"It's crazy how unsafe the UK has become — so much more so than 10 years ago," she said to the Sunday Times magazine.

"Talking with mums at school, there have been so many incidents, so many attacks, robberies, knives during the day. You don't feel safe walking around the neighborhood."

The crime has gotten so bad that Ecclestone hired four bodyguards, one for her and one for each of her three children.

London has overtaken New York City in violent crime rates in 2018 thanks to Mayor Sadiq Khan's lack of initiative to address the migrant-fueled wave of stabbings and acid attacks.

Instead, Khan made his priorities clear in May when he announced he would take on junk food ads across London.

Additionally, UK authorities estimated that they failed to address around 100,000 crimes - including sexual offenses - each year, which amounts to about 10 percent of all reported crimes in London alone.

(Photo: flickr, camillacarvalhofotos)

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