France Arrests Four Algerians After Lyon Bombing

French authorities say they have arrested four Algerian nationals, including a father, mother, and son following a bombing in Lyon that injured 13 and is being treated as a terror attack.

A 24-year-old IT student is the primary suspect, while his parents and a related Algerian student are alleged accomplices in the detonation of a "homemade nail bomb" on Friday, according to the French Interior Ministry.

Police have also questioned the suspect's sister, but she was not apprehended.

"A man was spotted by security cameras leaving the explosive device, with screws and metal balls packed into a paper bag, in a pedestrian shopping street in the central French city on Friday a minute before it exploded," Reuters reports.

"Footage showed a partially masked man wheeling a bike to the scene before leaving a bag outside a bakery. Police then tracked him to a suburb of Lyon."

More than 100 investigators have reportedly been involved in a manhunt for the suspects as part of a probe headed by the anti-terrorism unit of the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office.

Incredibly, mainstream media have given the attack only minimal coverage, downplaying the extent and severity of injuries suffered by the victims - including an 11-year-old girl - many of whom required surgery to remove shrapnel from their bodies.

"Thirteen people were slightly injured in the explosion outside a bakery, and several had to have pieces of metal from the bomb removed from their legs in hospital," the Financial Times reported.

"Eleven of the wounded needed hospital treatment, but none of their injuries are believed to be life-threatening," The Guardian reported.

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