France Closes Highway Rest Stops Near Border to Prevent Migrants Hopping on UK-Bound Trucks

Rest areas along a busy highway in France have been shut down in an alleged effort to prevent illegal migrants from forcing their way onboard trucks bound for the U.K., according to reports.

Authorities in the Dunkirk prefecture ordered rest stops closed from June 30 until at least December 31.

Rest areas "can constitute pick-up points in heavy goods vehicles for migrants wishing to go to the United Kingdom," the decree states.

Stops along the A16 highway in the Saint-Georges-sur-l'Aa, Téteghem-Nord, Moëres and Beau Marais areas, which all lie near the port of Dunkirk, are affected by the order, Le Phare Dunkerquois reports.

"The A16 motorway is faced with a continuous and lasting migratory pressure," the prefecture asserted.

"It is essential to regulate traffic at the aforementioned rest areas."

Officials say they made the decision to "ensure the safety of users, as well as that of agents of user companies, in particular road haulers."

Truckers in Western Europe have long been under siege by violent migrants who brazenly climb aboard their vehicles, often swarming highways near border crossings in efforts to reach the U.K.

Migrants attempting to commandeer or stowaway inside trucks bound for the UK have become regular occurrences in France with videos of brazen hijackings and attacks sometimes caught on video.

In 2019, a Bulgarian driver was badly beaten and his truck incinerated by a group of 50 migrants who had erected a blockade of flaming pallets on the ring road near Calais, France.

Documents reveal the U.S. government and Moderna teamed up to send material transfer agreements to top specialists just days before COVID-19 was leaked in Wuhan, China.


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