France: Elderly Man Returns From Holiday to Find African Men Squatting His Home

A senior citizen returned to his apartment in France after months on holiday to discover African migrants had taken over his home, according to reports.

The 88-year-old victim recently came back to his flat in the city of Montpellier following a four-month stay in Morocco.

When he tried to enter his home, his keys would not work as the locks had been changed in his absence.

After spending the night with a neighbor, the man notified the building's caretaker and a locksmith was called.

"After opening the door, they discovered two Algerians sleeping inside. The first, 21 years old, in an irregular situation, was the subject of a ban on French territory pronounced by the court of Toulouse, last year, for a period of three years," Midi Libre reports.

"As for the second, 20 years old, the prefecture of Rouen awarded him an obligation to leave the national territory last May, with a house arrest in Seine-Maritime. We believe that he did not respect his obligations."

Police apprehended both men.

They claimed they were renting the apartment from a man they had met in the city center.

An investigation is reportedly ongoing.

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