Hundreds of Migrants Occupy Public Garden In Nantes, France

A public garden in Nantes, France, has been turned into a squatter camp by hundreds of migrants.

Some 500 migrants who primarily hail from Sudan and Eritrea moved in to a park in Nantes after being evicted from a nearby deserted building they had occupied.

Residents are outraged with the situation, fearing for their safety and forced to confront the latest disruption in a city that just experienced a week of rioting, looting and destruction by migrants.

"It’s very negative for Nantes, just like for every city where they've settled," said one woman. "It’s a very bad sign for locals and tourists."

The park has only one toilet and one water tap, sparking concerns that a lack of hygiene in such a large, concentrated group could lead to disease epidemics as garbage piles grow.

"I think we need to evacuate them, or move them outside the city - it's not good for Nantes," a man told RT. "We try to have a clean city, but today the hygiene conditions are not being respected."

According to reports, the mayor of Nantes has thus far rejected demands to clear the camp, asserting that migrants should be received in a 'dignified' manner.

"We’re lost, hopeless," one migrant lamented. "There’s a problem with finding somewhere to live and food. We don’t sleep well. It’s tiresome."

Nantes was the scene of mass-scale rioting in early July after police killed a Muslim migrant and suspected criminal when he attempted to flee apprehension.


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