France: Illegal Migrant Arrested for Attempted Rape of 90-Year-Old Woman During Home Invasion

A teenage illegal migrant is facing a slew of charges for a violent home invasion during which he allegedly attempted to rape a 90-year-old in France, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded at around 4 a.m. on December 3 in Blanc-Mesnil, a commune in the Paris suburbs.

The suspect broke a window and entered the residence of an elderly woman, authorities say.

When the victim came out to check on the noise, the suspect pounced on her and attempted to strangle her.

"The assailant then led the nonagenarian to the bathroom while undressing in order to sexually assault her," Le Figaro reports.

"The victim finally managed to get him to give up by offering him 50 euros. The latter took the money and left the home in stride."

Authorities were notified about the attack and an investigation was launched.

On December 9, police arrested an 18-year-old male who is illegally present in France.

He now faces charges including attempted murder, attempted rape committed against a vulnerable person, extortion committed against a vulnerable person, and attempted burglary in a residential area.

A heated debate over the negative effects of mass migration has been raging in France.

Military leaders fired off multiple incendiary letters last year, warning the Macron government of looming "civil war" if strong measures are not taken to regain control of a society spiraling into chaos.

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