France: Migrant Arrested After Stabbing, Robbery Rampage

Police in France arrested a knife-wielding migrant suspected of attacking at least four people during a weekend rampage, according to reports.

The string of ambushes began at around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night in the city of Montpellier.

A couple in their sixties had entered the lobby of their apartment when the suspect, a young adult male, rushed in after them and demanded their valuables.

He grabbed the woman's purse and during the ensuing melee, both male and female victims suffered slash wounds.

Shortly afterwards, a young woman in her twenties was jumped in the street by the suspect, who stole her cell phone and escaped.

Around half an hour later, the suspect chased down a 20-year-old female and made off with her cell phone, as well.

Authorities managed to track the man down and his identity was confirmed by multiple victims.

"The suspect is a young homeless man of 21 years who arrived in France three months ago," Midi Libre reports.

"In front of the police, he acknowledged all of the facts and said he regrets what he did."

A hearing was scheduled and an investigation is ongoing.

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