France: Migrant Suspected of Drugging, Sexually Assaulting Woman Who Took Him In

French authorities believe a Congolese man drugged and sexually assaulted a woman who was hosting him, according to reports.

The suspect, who claims to be 18-years-old, was "sent to France by his parents to study," and was previously housed at a hotel in Quimper with other "foreign minors," Ouest France reports.

He subsequently bounced between host families until the victim invited him into her home.

One night in September, the suspect reportedly slipped a quantity of marijuana hash into a meal he was preparing for himself and the victim.

After the effects of the drug set in, he allegedly forced himself upon the woman.

“You then hugged her, kissed her, undressed her and assaulted her,” the court asserts.

The suspect has reportedly admitted to spiking the food, blaming the drug’s effects for the assault.

“I'm really sorry to have put the hash ball in the food. It was not my intention to attack her. It was because of the influence,” he told the court.

Authorities indicate they have reason to doubt the alleged age of the man, with a juvenile court striking down his “status as an unaccompanied foreign minor, a decision confirmed by the court of appeal,” according to the current judge.

The suspect is being held in jail while investigators await DNA testing from the victim's clothing and a psychiatric report.

A judgement date has been set for Nov. 20th.

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