France: Migrants Slam Stolen SUV Into House During Police Chase

Three Kurdish migrants were arrested for stealing a vehicle and leading police on a dangerous chase that ended in a crash at a house in France last week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Thursday evening in Rosendaël, a former commune in the coastal city of Dunkirk.

During a pursuit of a stolen Peugeot SUV, the suspects blew through red lights and sped in the wrong direction along narrow streets.

At one point, an officer was forced to jump out of the way as the driver reportedly aimed the vehicle at him.

After hitting a spike strip at full speed, the SUV careened out of control, slamming into a parked car and also the entrance of a residence, causing significant damage.

"A vehicle hit the front of a house, blocking access to the house," the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service explained on social media.

"The operation is currently underway and requires significant rescue and security resources. Team members specializing in clearing rescue are mobilized."

Police apprehended three Middle Eastern men at the scene, all of whom were found to be illegally present in France and living in a nearby migrant camp.

"Khalil Hamad, a Kurdish national, is known by two identities. He is 20 years old. It was he who was driving the Peugeot 3008, without having a license," La Voix du Nord reports.

"Kasem H., the first passenger, also a Kurd, told the court that he was only 17 years old. During the proceedings, he gave an age of 21. The third defendant, Halwest N., is a 26-year-old Iraqi."

Hamad was quickly sentenced to two years in prison and incarcerated, while his comrades were reportedly released.

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(PHOTO: Screenshots / Twitter / Departmental Fire and Rescue Service)

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