France Pays Tribute to Nice Attack Victims on Second Anniversary

France commemorated the victims of the 2016 Nice attack which left 86 dead and nearly 500 wounded after a jihadist plowed a truck through crowds celebrating Bastille Day.

"Four minutes and 17 seconds of drama that now has the eternity of a nightmare. Who have names, those of the 86 missing persons. Who have faces, those hundreds of wounded, in their flesh as in their soul," said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at the end of the Nice military parade on Saturday.

During last year's commemmoration, French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to "fight without mercy" against "terrorism everywhere."

“This rage, I know, many of you still carry it in the pit of your stomach,” he said. “Everything will be done in order for the republic, the state and public authorities to regain your trust … We’ll respond by a fight without mercy outside and inside our borders against terrorism, everywhere.”

“My determination is total," he added.

Tunisian jihadist Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel carried out the truck attack on behalf of ISIS in July 2016, and six other accomplices were also arrested in connection to the attack several months later.

This comes after French authorities foiled two Islamic terrorist attacks last month, which were aimed at targeting homosexuals with bombs and knives.

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