France: Shopkeeper Beaten by 'Immigrant' Men After Asking Them to Wear Face Masks

A man running a laundromat in Val-d'Oise, France, was brutally beaten by a group of 'immigrant' men after he asked them to wear face masks inside the facility, according to reports.

Augustin M., 44, says he was ambushed by his assailants after multiple confrontations regarding their lack of masks, which are obligatory in many French businesses due to coronavirus-related mandates.

“I asked someone to put on a mask but he refused,” Augustin told Le Parisien. “He left and came back with friends. They wanted to intimidate me, but they couldn't. They left again and came back with baseball bats. I was immediately attacked.”

“I was alone in the laundry room and this time two other men joined them,” he continued.

“They beat me up with baseball bats and I fell to the ground. They continued to hit me while I was on the ground and I passed out for a few minutes.”

At least four men, some appearing to be dress in traditional Islamic garb, can be seen punching, kicking, and hitting their victim with bats in surveillance footage.

Augustin says his children, ages 5 and 7, are traumatized after seeing their father "bleeding on the ground."

"I could have died," he said.

He reportedly suffered head trauma, as well as bruising on both arms, but is expected to recover.

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