France: Violent Leftists Hijack Healthcare Workers Protest, Cause Chaos

Violent leftists hijacked a healthcare worker protest in Paris, prompting running battles with riot police as chaos ensued.

The original demonstration by healthcare workers sought to guarantee better pay and increased funding, but it was soon usurped by ‘black bloc’ Antifa-style militants who attacked cops with missiles and overturned vehicles.

Several thousand workers descended on the Ministry of Health, but attention was dragged elsewhere in the city as left-wing radicals staged violent riots.

“These more violent demonstrators hurled bottles and fireworks at the police, who responded by firing tear gas at the mob, some of whom flipped vehicles and set fires,” reports RT.

At some of the more peaceful demonstrations, police applauded the healthcare workers, but their colleagues were forced to engage in running street battles with gangs of thugs.

15,000 people also took part in a Black Lives Matter protest in Paris on Sunday. No doubt that there is a crossover between those demonstrators and rioters in the French capital today.

Meanwhile, in the city of Dijon, running battles between Chechen migrant gangs in no-go areas that the media claims don’t exist forced armed special forces to enter the region to try to restore order.


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