Gangs Launch Violent Street Battle in France

A mob of Kurds engaged a rival group in armed battle in the streets of Bordeaux, France, leaving at least four combatants badly injured, according to reports.

At least 50 people were involved in the conflict in the Saige district of Pessac, a commune in the metropolis of Bordeaux.

Some of the fighters were reportedly carrying pistols and bladed weapons.

“Four Kurds were injured and two of them, hit in the face, were rescued by firefighters and evacuated. The other two took refuge in an apartment,” Sud Ouest reports. “The fight was particularly violent and caused a stir around Rue de l’Horloge.”

“The municipal police and the police officers of Pessac intervened to restore calm.”

Some social media users claim the number of combatants may have been much higher and say it was a retaliatory attack launched by Kurds against North Africans who had beaten a 35-year-old Kurdish man.

Comments from Pessac Mayor Franck Raynal may corroborate rumors that the conflict was between two ethnic groups from outside France.

“A departmental intervention company and a CRS company [riot police] were mobilized,” Raynal said. “That's what prevented a punitive expedition and a Dijon-style scenario. Tear gas grenades were thrown but no shots were fired. I would like to thank the police for their quick intervention.”

In June, Dijon was plunged into chaos as hundreds of Chechens descended upon the city from around France to wage war after a 16-year-old Chechen boy was severely beaten by North African drug dealers, as Infowars Europe reported at the time.

France's RAID tactical police were deployed to regain control of the city after gunfire was reported and men were seen prowling with Kalashnikov-style rifles during days of violence.

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