French Author: No-Go Zones Must Be 'Reconquered By Force'

French intellectual and author Eric Zemmour believes no-go zones around the country must be 'reconquered by force,' or abandoned altogether.

Zemmour says many regions of France, often in the suburbs of cities, have effectively been taken over by mostly-Islamic foreign occupiers who have driven out the native French and are engaged in an ongoing battle with law enforcement.

During a recent television appearance, Zemmour described an 'asymmetrical war' being waged by left-wing media against police, who are often blamed for massive, violent riots which take place frequently in the no-go zones.

"So now the police union says they will also be filming to show the truth and what is actually happening in these suburbs. I totally agree with them," Zemmour said.

"I think they should film it, show it on television, and we’d see what’s going on there. We’d see that the police are victims of years of neglect, and we’d see that [non-French residents and migrants] are the foreign power."

Addressing a fellow commentator who agreed certain areas of France have "gone completely foreign," Zemmour responded, "That’s the difference between you and me. I think we reconquer by force. However, in order to reconquer, there’s a problem with the number of people."

"You think that we can bring people around by means of education. That’s something I don’t believe anymore."

"There is a sentence from Hegel that I say all of the time: 'The quantity become a quality,'" Zemmour concluded. "So in this case, it is necessary to reconquer by force or give up."

Zemmour has been warning about unrest in 'immigrant neighborhoods' during France's strict coronavirus lockdown.

"They don’t want to respect the quarantine. This could end very badly. There is already looting in the supermarkets,” he cautioned in mid-March.

Within weeks, riots had broken out in at least 25 French cities and towns, with immigrants and anarchists attacking police patrols and stations with explosives and weapons.

Translation and transcription provided courtesy of RAIR Foundation.

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